Program Benefits

  • Considering both perceptions and projection lessens uninteded consequencesens

    A wise leader is someone who takes an integrated approach to decision-making. They do not make decisions solely based on their perceptions or projections. They consider their decisions' impact on their employees, customers, shareholders, and the community at large. They understand that their organization is part of a larger ecosystem and that their decisions can have ripple effects beyond their immediate sphere of influence. Leaders are first willing to listen to different perspectives and consider alternative viewpoints to make wise decisions. They are non-judgmental and ready to challenge their beliefs and assumptions. They demonstrate courage by making tough choices and taking calculated risks if necessary.

  • Gain greater Depth of Understanding through self-reflection

    Examining our experience uncovers the “why” or the cause of the experience. Investigating our experiences to understand our contribution to creating, promoting, or allowing any particular experience helps us gain a depth of understanding—wisdom begins when we clarify our perceptions and any projections that may cloud our perceptions.

  • Intuitive Insight emerges through deep listening

    Intuitive insight comes from deep listening. Holding still and allowing intuitions to emerge is one of the most challenging actions a leader can take. At first, it will seem that the leader is doing nothing. In actuality, the leader is doing NO THING. This process creates fertile ground for intuitive insights to emerge. Starting with data and analysis is beneficial, but synthesizing intuitive insight provides a greater perspective of the actions available.

  • Wisdom Moments are transcendent

    Often the outcome of wisdom development is something I refer to as a moment of wisdom or a “wisdom moment.” This moment feels somewhat like the proverbial “Aha” moment. Does it mean we have transcended and are now wise leaders? No, it does mean we are firmly on the journey to wise leadership. The process of becoming wise is ongoing and has no end.

What You’ll Learn

The Wise Leader Development Roadmap

Knowledge without meaning and analysis without integration have all resulted in imbalances that ultimately have been destructive to leaders and their teams. Wisdom cannot be acquired through a two-day training. We cannot say, “Memorize this and you will be wise.” While the accumulation of knowledge may allow someone to become smart, wisdom is brought forth more delicately. This intensive program unpacks the realities of becoming a wise leader. You will explore the foundations of wisdom, which are our leadership experiences. This is a simple program but not an easy one. It requires that you take an honest, in-depth, approach to your experiences. You’ll learn to use self-inquiry, self-reflection, and develop your intuitive insight, which helps you gain clarity and confidence. To access the free overview of the online portion you will need to sign in.
Wise Leader Development Model